Top 10 real misteries of the world

Top 10 real misteries of the world

1.Magic number 12

Since when people learned to count, they really believed in the power of the numbers. So, this number has a special semnification: the calendar, astrology, time… everything goes around number 12. Just think of how many examples we have: Jesus had 12 followers, year has 12 months, the zodiac has 12 signs[…]

2. Time

Stress and agitations are components of our life. We often have the impression that the time is dripping through our fingers. Many claim the idea that they need more peace, fact that brings them more leisure. Have you ever think why time passes so fast when you do something you like and it passes so slow when you are waiting something?

3. Meteors

  • Believed to be the source of life on our planet, meteors are more and more expensive. Collectors from everywhere around the world get together those messagers from the universe and pay exorbitantly amounts of money for the rare pieces.

4.What’s happening in secret places?

  •     What is happening behind the walls of every important institution?
  •     For example, Fort Knox – Kentucky, USA. This is the american treasury in which noone has acces,exceptions being some selected men of the USA government.

Behind those walls, 4500 tons of gold and many other tons of diamonds and platinium are hidden there.

5. Is it life after death?

  • This big question haunted us for thousands of years and we still don’t know the answer.
  • Many refuse to belive that actually can be something else after the death of our body.

6. The mummies enigma

  • We understood that the bodies of the leaders was embalmed at their request. But why? Why they cannot just be buried like we do now?
  • And as we know, they threw many curses which, surprising, at least were true.

7.When will end the life on Earth?

  • Comets and asteroids are running through the universe every moment dangerously close from the earth. What if one hits our planet right now? Let’s not forget that one asteroid brought death of the dinosaurs.
  • Imagine if that happens, there will be noone to tell our story later.

8. Stones are dancing on the Death Valley?

  • Also known as sliding rocks, those hard rocks are just crawling with speed on the Death Valley(USA). And even if noone seen them in action until now, there are many theories like they are sliding on the ice and pushed by the wind. By now, noone can tell us the real answer.

9. Does magic really exists?

  • For centuries scientists tried to remove the magic from our lives. However, it wasn’t more alive than now, when science has advanced.
  • Talking about real magic, in the past, witches were burned for using their skills. Even those who used to practice voodoo were punished.
  • Magic doesn’t make refference on nowdays tricks because, you know, who has magic doesn’t need tricks.

10. Does souls really exist?

  • Man is the only creature that may own a soul. But how do we recognize a soul? Does it have a form? A body? Is it moving? We’ll never know.

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