Goodbye Earth

Goodbye Earth


The human planet, as you know it… shrouded with blue color, full of life, maybe the only place that sustain life in the universe…

We are here and the future of our planet is in big danger. Maybe you didn’t know that. Because media doesn’t always want to share with you the truth in its pure form.

Have you ever asked yourself the question ? How long it will last? When is it going to end? How our end will be like?

Until now, we didn’t had a real answer to all those questions, but nowdays, with our technology, we finally figured out.

One thing is very clear, the only one race that is destroying our planet is ours, the human race. Like our past generations that have seen the end, we can surely predict ours.

We distroyed the planet by pollution.

Imagine what mess can leave behind almost 8 bilions of people living on this small planet and how bad it is to it. By pollution we warmed up the planet’s atmosphere and that means, of course, that the ice and the snow on the poles is beggining to melt.

Actually, as a fact, since 1980, arctic snow and ice have been declined by 80%. Just think what this means. Raising of the sea level – it will sure be happening very soon, because the planet is warming faster and faster and we can’t do nothing to reverse the process. Raising of sea level will make islands like Hawaii to dissapear.

But why we don’t want to stop? Guess who has the biggest oil companies on the planet and they never stop making money? Yes, our leaders. Same leaders that promised us that they’ll make this world a better place than they found.

In China, air pollution can be seen from Earth’s orbit. Everyday people in Beijing are wearing masks because they are scared not to get sick. Also China is the biggest consumer of shark fin. Shark is in the top of the food chain, which means that if it will dissapear, it will be a total chaos underwater.

Sharks are on our planet for 4 bilions years and only in last 30 years, we “succesfuly” reduced their number with 95%. Per year, they kill 12 people all over the world. Per hour, people are killing 1600 sharks.

Why are we spending money searching for life in other solar systems or galaxies and we can’t spend them on making our planet better and healthier?

Just think we are a pixel in the universe. How many fights and wars took place just to win a single corner of this pixel situated in this massive overview? How many lies and non-sense stories are we telling ourselves, instead of standing up?

A lot of actions against climate change took place. Protests, interviews, documentaries… all those changed just a small group of people which has no power to control nothing. Once mass-media won’t tell you that much, you will never understand how bad the situation is.

Also you should think twice before hurting your own Home. Even you won’t live that much, just do it for your next generations. They deserve a better world. We should stand up and change our actions in better ones. We don’t have to be ignorant, pessimists. There is still hope if we stop the bad things now and do the right things to do.

Our fate is in our hands and it’s not me or you, but everybody else guilty for what we’ve done if we don’t succes. So why not to try and be remembered after centuries?


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