How to improve your sleep

How to improve your sleep

Everyone has sleeping problems sometimes. But what can you do to prevent them?

  • Don’t eat junk food before going to bed – It’s scientific proven that if you eat junk food before you go to bed, you will have nightmares.


  • Don’t try to concentrate on falling asleep – Because the effect will be exactly the opposite.


  • Play ambiend music for sleeping – Like campfire, waves, rain sounds.


  • Take time for relaxing activities before sleep – Like reading, yoga.


  • Avoid big meals at night – You should not eat before going to bed.


  • Get as much natural sunlight as possible – And even avoid wearing sunglasses.


  • Make your own sleep schedule – And respect it everyday.


  • Create a sleeping habit – For example, count your breaths until you fall asleep.


Why not trying one of those tips right now? We prepared something for you:

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