5 Jobs that AI is already Taking Over

5 Jobs that AI is already Taking Over

5 Jobs that AI is already Taking Over

It is a common aspiration these days that robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are going to take over the world in the coming years. Having said that, you may find it surprising that these technologies are already performing the jobs that were associated with them in the distant future. According to some scientists, some of these jobs were not possible even in the future but AI has managed to figure out a way to perform these tasks. It may seem alarming for now but some of these things could prove extremely beneficial for humanity in coming times. Following is a list of 5 jobs that AI has already started to take over.


RoboCop - AI Jobs

The idea of robotic cops have always gathered a lot of support from the scientific community and it was believed that it will surely come true at some point in the future. Having said that, none of us expected it to happen so soon. The technology exceeded all expectations and we have an operational ‘RoboCop’ in the streets of Dubai as a part of the police force.

On the basis of this robot, the authorities of Dubai wants to replace 25% of their police force with RoboCops by 2030. Even though these robotic cops are not armed (thankfully), they are extremely useful for maintaining law and order. Developed with the help of Watson (an IBM supercomputer) and Google, it can identify criminals, report unattended bags in public places like parks, and can flag problematic vehicle parts.


Poetry - AI Jobs

Poetry is an incredibly complex task that requires an understanding of several factors like rhyme, tone, and meter to produce an amazing poem. Managing all these things, at the same time, is easier said than done and that’s why it is incredibly difficult for an AI program to do that without external assistance. Despite that, AI has already written some classic pieces of poetry that are pretty much equivalent to what humans produce. J. Nathan Matias, a Ph.D. candidate from MIT, spent years in teaching the system the basics of syntax and sentence structure before getting the desired outcome. J


Journalism - AI Jobs

Journalism is one of those professions that were considered safe from the conquest of AI. The reason for this was the effective reporting of information which requires a human mind to arrange the article in a form that is understandable for everyone. Scientists have been trying to develop such intelligent bots for quite some time now but most of their efforts were unsuccessful due to the limitations of AI. However, the massive advancement in technology in recent years has solved a lot of those problems. Consequently, ‘The Washington Post’ has succeeded in deploying a story-writing bot (Heliograf) that can write a story as well as any of their competent journalists.



Just like journalism, art was also considered safe from being taken over by robots because it requires depth, shadow, and sense of perception to create a masterpiece. Not so long ago, scientists believed that it is almost impossible for AI to learn all these traits in recent future, so artists shouldn’t be worried about this surge of artificial intelligence.  

Contrary to that, the researchers of the Bethge Lab in Germany have succeeded in creating an AI program that is aware of all the necessary ingredients for creating a piece of art. In fact, the researching team painted an image of a street in Van Gogh’s signature style to check the accuracy of the software and found that the program had a perfect understanding of everything, including the types of strokes.

Developing AI Software

Developing AI Software

Writing an AI software is one of the most difficult jobs in the field of programming and that’s the reason why only the brightest people are associated with this field. The complexity of the job is clearly reflected by the fact that AI developers are among the most highly paid individuals of the world. Given the difficulty of the job, it is a huge achievement if AI is able to do that by itself.

A lot of software companies have tried to come up with a machine learning software that could design an AI program on its own. None of these efforts could beat the efficiency of software written by humans until 2017 when an AI software of Google designed an AI which proved to be better than AI researchers. It performed better (accuracy of 43% over 39%) in an experiment that was about marking multiple objects in a picture.

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