6 Sci-Fi Military Technologies that Actually Exist

6 Sci-Fi Military Technologies that Actually Exist

6 Sci-fi Military Technologies that Actually Exist
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The modern-day weaponry is certainly the most dangerous invention of technology. Advanced nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles have taken military technologies to a level which was way beyond imagination, a few decades ago. The impact of this advancement is clearly evident from the defense policies of all the major nations. Each of these countries is spending billions of dollars annually to make a substantial breakthrough in military tech that could give it the ascendancy over others. This race of military technologies has enabled humanity to develop some lethal sci-fi weapons and following is a list of 6 of the most destructive ones.


Micro-Drones - Military Technologies

A drone is surely among the most advanced military technologies that we have at our hands today. It has revolutionized the art of warfare in recent years as difficult military operations can be performed from a safe distance. Having said that, there is still a lot of room for improvement in this technology and stealth is certainly one of the features that must be incorporated into this weapon. Science fiction has used this concept several times. Despite that, it seemed like a thing from distant future until January 2017 when the Pentagon announced that they have successfully tested a fleet of 103 micro-drones. Each one of them is about 6 inches long and can perform all the complex tasks like decision making and healing itself.   


EMP- Military Technologies

EMP is basically short for an electromagnetic pulse that is so strong that it can incapacitate all kinds of electronics in the targeted region. We see these powerful weapons regularly in science fiction movies but what if we tell you that scientists have actually harnessed this technology for real. According to the claims of the US Air Force, they have succeeded in developing an EMP weapon and named it as the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP). The technology has the ability to specify targets and was able to disable the electronics of 7 different buildings in Utah.

Exoskeleton Suits

Exoskeleton Suits - Military Technologies

An exoskeleton suit is an exterior suit of armor that provides enhanced protection and combat abilities. This technology is quite common in science fiction movies (Iron Man) and first-person shooting games (Call of Duty). Despite its technical limitations, humanity does have a working exoskeleton suit in the form of RATNIK-3. Russia successfully tested this suit in 2018 for its strength and capabilities but this prototype couldn’t store much energy due to which it could operate for a small period of time. Russian authorities are currently working on perfecting this titanium suit. You can get detailed insights about the RATNIK program here.

Invisibility Cloak

Invisibility Cloak - Military Technologies

This is probably the most wanted technology of the world as almost everyone has felt the need for it at some time in their lives. The ability to become invisible is one of the oldest and most commonly-used ideas in science fiction. Although a number of science fiction movies have been showing this technology for decades, scientists did manage to develop the first-ever invisibility cloak in 2012. Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation, a Canadian company, built this passive material that doesn’t reproduce your background on any screen. Instead, it just bends light around an object to make it invisible.  

Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic Missiles

Jets and missiles that are faster than the speed of sound are among the most expensive military technologies because breaching the barrier of sound is an extremely difficult task to accomplish. Hypersonic missiles take all these equations of complexity and cost to another level as they are at least 5 times faster than the speed of sound. The development of this technology has been one of the foremost priorities of the United States for quite some years now but they haven’t been able to solve this riddle until now. To make things even worse for them, China has done successful tests of their hypersonic missiles which poses a serious threat to all their enemies.

Seeking Bullets

Seeking Bullets

The primary purpose of these high-tech bullets is to find and eliminate more competent and dangerous soldiers among the enemy’s army. The research wing of the US Department of Defense came up with this special type of ammunition, called EXACTO, to locate and engage hard-to-hit targets. In addition to this, they are intelligent enough to change direction according to the enemy’s movement. The intelligence and accuracy of seeking bullets make them one of the most deadly military technologies that have developed so far.  

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