Domestic Inventions that Changed Human Life

Domestic Inventions that Changed Human Life


Technology has engulfed us so much, that we can hardly imagine a life without it. Many of us would fail to accomplish very simple tasks if these machines are not there. Following are some domestic inventions which are part and parcel of our lives, yet we never pay much attention to their significance.

1.      Sewing Machine
The human race has come a long way in each field of life. One of the fields where we have lifted ourselves from zero (literally) is the use of clothing. The needle was the first and probably the most important invention in this industry but the sewing machine used it to bring outrageous advancements.

The quality of stitching you get with these machines is extremely good and the effort-saving factor is of immense importance. Time is another critical measure and it certainly saves a lot of it. The different types of clothes we get in this modern world are all down to this invention. Let it be the cool and funky clothes or the formal ones where elegance is given preference. It made us more civilized and stylish simultaneously.

2.      Washing Machine
Life was not that simple before this invention. Washing by hand is a hectic process as you have to do the rubbing and scratching, all by yourself. The washing machine has transformed the ways of laundry as it allows us to clean our clothes at a much faster rate, by spending very little effort. Put clothes in it, add some water and a washing detergent. Just hit the start button and you will get washed clothes for a while.

3.      Refrigerator
We have the leverage of storing food for consuming it later but, things were not that simple back then when the refrigerator was not discovered. A lot of laborious methods were adopted if a food item was to be preserved. The discovery of freezer made things much better. Can you imagine a life without ICE CREAM? If your answer is no, then you are lucky that you were not born a few hundred years back. All that fun is possible only due to the invention of the refrigerator.

4.      Microwave Oven
After storing food in a fridge, there is a need to warm it up before consumption. The traditional way of doing this was to use a stove. But, technology had other plans and microwave oven is the result. It warms food through electromagnetic radiation. It is called a microwave because it uses microwave frequency range. You can also perform the de-frosting job within few minutes, which take hours, otherwise.

Microwave performs another hefty task which is to provide cooking assistance. This domain is not covered entirely because of the complexity associated with cooking different kinds of food but, microwave can be used for basic cooking jobs.

5.      Vacuum Cleaner
Keeping our surroundings clean is a part of human nature. The most common pollutant is dust which is found anywhere and everywhere. It leads to many allergies and respiratory problems. Traditionally, mops were used to keep the dirt away but this trend came to an end with the invention of a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum which sucks up dust and other particles. It works on multiple types of surfaces like floors, carpets, and upholstery. A dust bag is attached to it where all the dust is collected.

6.      Air Conditioner
Technology has given us ease and comfort in many fields of life. It has improved the living standards of people. The air conditioner is one such product. It is entirely for providing a comfortable environment irrespective of the external weather. It can add or remove heat from a place to make its temperature bearable. Commonly, air conditioners are used to cool any place.

Air conditioners usually use a fan to distribute conditioned air into a room, car or any space. They do help with the humidity and other factors as well.

All these domestic inventions are serious blessings that are being offered to us. We are dependent on these incredible products to an extent where they become a necessity. The factors of time-saving, reducing human labor and providing comfort are tremendous achievements of the modern technology. Hence, associated people must be appreciated and given their due credit.

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