Elon Musk shared a new video with Tesla’s Autopilot. Incredible Progress

Elon Musk shared a new video with Tesla’s Autopilot. Incredible Progress

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Cars will take you to your destination while you sleep

Elon Musk is the co-founder, product architect, and the CEO of Tesla Inc. He never likes to sit on his laurels and wants to do more all the time. His achievements reflect that as he is also the founder, lead designer, and CEO of SpaceX.

He is the 21st most powerful man in the world by Forbes and why not when he is trying to colonize Mars for providing an alternate habitat for the humans. The payload of the latest launch of SpaceX to the red planet was his red Tesla and this created quite a lot of hype. This is not the only exciting thing about Tesla as Musk continues to make incredible progress in the ‘Tesla Autopilot’.

It was upgraded to the status of an Enhanced Autopilot as the second version of the hardware is an advanced driver assistance system. The features included in this upgrade are Self-Parking, Adaptive Cruise Control, the car can be called to and from any parking place, ability to change lanes automatically without any driver, and lane centering.

Tesla Inc. is working on improving it further as features like exiting a freeway if the destination is in-bound are already in the pipeline. The ultimate goal of the organization is to provide a self-driving vehicle to the people. Having said that, they acknowledge the legal as well as the technical issues that they must overcome in order to offer such a luxurious invention to the world.

The first version of this autopilot emerged to the scene in October 2014. Model S was honored with this historic discovery. The aspects of parking and semi-autonomous drive were considered at that time. In August 2016, Musk launched Autopilot 8.0 which had the ability to use radar signals to create a coarse point. This added a lot to the navigation side of driving particularly in low visibility conditions. A new version of hardware was introduced in February 2017 under the title Hardware 2 (HW2).

The ability to auto steer in various scenarios were given to the customers as a result of it. Similarly, adaptive cruise control was inducted into the system in this upgrade. Later on, perks like parallel and perpendicular parking and full-speed braking were added to this hardware.

The statement of Elon Musk that we are only two years away from achieving the feat where you would be able to sleep in your car as it will drive itself to the destination shocked the world on 28th April 2017. According to the latest claims of the company (Feb 2018), they will be ready to demonstrate a coast to coast drive within a span of 3 to 6 months. Musk shared a video on his Twitter account on 1st of April which showed marked improvements in the autopilot mode. In the video, a Tesla Model S can be seen driving itself on a road of Austria.

The autopilot system of the car tackled the hilly road with great expertise. It seemed completely at ease as it moved past all the obstacles and displayed warnings about possible collisions with plenty of time to spare. Andrej Karpathy, the Director of Artificial Intelligence at Tesla Inc., gave all the credit to the software rewriting that they did to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. This video became quite popular on social media and people from different parts of the world praised the efforts of all the stakeholders.

All the updates of Tesla get considerable amounts of the limelight. A lot of people share their experiences and generally speaking, they are pretty happy with the performance of this autopilot feature. A recent video in this context showed how a Tesla car adapted on a road where there were no lane markings. This is a clear indication that the software used by Tesla Inc. has attained a level where it can take human-like decisions.

The video shared by Musk is yet another proof of the remarkable improvements in autopilot mode of these cars. It was a special achievement for him and the company as the owner of the car himself described that road as ‘the crappiest road’.

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