How to create a successful blog

How to create a successful blog


Either you want to make your own blog/website in which you want to share your memories or you want to get earnings from it, we’ve prepared some of the few easy steps for you:

1. Original content – You should create your own and original content. Nobody will enter your site if you copy/paste the content from another publishers.

2. Quality posts – Your writing need to be accurate because grammatical mistakes are not tolerated by other users and even by advertisers. Write a post and read it twice before you post it. Don’t do it fast, but slow and good because hard work is always rewarded.

3. Simple – Your blog/website shouldn’t be full of pop-up notifications, useless ads and all kind of this stuff. Imagine you enter a site to read an article that you are looking for and all you can see is ads and annoying notifications. You will close the window immediatly. So make it simple.

4. Post at least once a day – You have too keep your people “up to date”. Don’t make very long posts with boring words and quotes, but either don’t create short ones. Do it just as much as it is necessary. Imagine you are a reader of a blog which you like and you come back another day and you see the same articles. Boring, right? That’s why you should come with something new everyday.

5. About us page – One of the most important pages that all new bloggers are missing. ‘About us’ page informs people about what they will find on your blog, what is your blog about or how your blog was constructed. This page represents the story of your website. You can see a good example of an about page by clicking HERE.

6. Privacy Policy – Every respected blogger need this page. It gives the impression of seriousness. You can see a good example of ‘privacy policy’ page by looking at big companies. Not everyone have this page, but we guess you don’t want to look just like a beginner.

7. Widgets – You see, most of people are creating a sidebar full of useless widgets like calendars, facebook buttons, useless text messages and even links to other blogs that they know nothing about. Just do not overload these spaces, because your blog needs to be clean and not to get rid of the new visitors.

8. Social Media – None have ever said that social media is a bad thing for your website, but also don’t try to spam or to fill your blog with useless social media buttons. Is good to have them somewhere, in a place where people can easily access them.

9. Front Page – Front page should clearly inform visitors about what you are doing and what is your site meant to be. Keep a simple title text or image and also a good and attractive description.

10. Time  Beware! Blogging takes time before it starts attracting new visitors and make money for you.

You had here just a few steps for a better-looking blog. We hope you enjoyed it!

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