How to improve your computer

How to improve your computer

A daily strugle is to have your computer unclean and hard processing your commands, but what can you do to fix that?

Many people have tried to re-install the operating system but, of course, that solve the problem for the moment, but it will appear again and again. So what can you really do to clean your computer properly? Here are a few steps that you may need on solving this problem:

1. Clean your registry – It won’t take too long and it is very helpful, but don’t forget to create a backup before making any changes. It will surely make your system work easier and will ease your work. There are many free softwares

2. Uninstall unwanted software – A problem that everyone have is that they forget to remove all the programs they’ve installed for just one-use only. They are slowing down all the processes of your system because it needs to keep all of them up and ready to use. You don’t need any other program for doing this action, all you need is uninstalling them from the Control Panel.

3. Delete duplicate files – You don’t have to look closely for every file that have the same name as others. What will ease your work is a program that can do all this job for you. You can find a bucket of these programs by a simple search on Google.

4. Close useless tasks – Even if you have a strong computer with very good features, do not try to aggravate its work by opening all kind of useless tasks. For example, don’t keep your browser opened if you don’t need it while playing a game or watching a movie at the same time.

5. Use a password for your computer – Beside the fact that it keeps you more secure and confident, it will make you look more serious. If your computer is used by many other users (a family computer for example), you can create an account for each user.

6. Antivirus – Most of us choose to ignore it. Totally wrong! We can’t choose a strong anti-malware software for you because we don’t want to promote any. Nowadays these programs can protect you fromm hackers/fraud/malware software and many other issues. Just don’t ignore it!

7. Do not turn your computer off and on all the time – it affects your operating system and will make it work much harder than before. When you go off your pc just lock and it and go away and eventually set an screen saver before.

8. Defragment your hard disk – Do it al least once every three months because your hard disk is always getting more and more fragmented than before. Also don’t forget to check your hard disk for errors, alike defragmenting, at least once every three months.

You don’t need to be a super programmer to apply these steps.

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