Placebo – What really happens with your body

Placebo – What really happens with your body

A placebo is anything that seems to be a “real” medical treatment – but is not. It could be a pill, a shot, or some other type of “fake” treatment.

It works on about 45% of the population, everything depends on the power of belief, character and credibility.

Placebo effect is real and it exists in some measure on all of us, whether we are sick or just drink a bit. It is scientifically proven that the placebo effect has ended many diseases and disorders which cannot be threaten after using the daily medication.

Here’s how it works: consciousness believes that the patient will be healed if it is given to his body the daily dose of medication that fight the disease, but what is given to the patient is a completely different pill that has no effect and that, of course, has no connection to the disease.

In time, his subconscious tells the patient that the pills are going to succeed as a remedy for the pain or the disease that he has. This process is only present inside of the person’s mind, which imagines that the body is in a process of healing.

The expectation of recovery is greater when the organism would not really take any active substance, so stretch the boundaries of their body, treating the subject as real madicine does it.

One of the most discussed topics in the medical world, the placebo effect may be present in everyday life on each of us, either when we consume a random substance or we accidentally hit ourselves.

Leaving the medical field, this “fake” but the real effect is often observed at people who consume alcohol.

For example, if you go to a party and a friend offers you a bottle of beer without alcohol, but on its label it has an inscription of a certain percentage of alcohol content, your subconscious will think that what you drink is alcohol for real and it will make you feel euphoric.

The same can happen when you sit at the table and the chef tells that he already put salt in food, but he did not (you will think that you’re going to eat something that contains salt).

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From amazing remedies, the treatment of diseases and pain healing, we arrived at its negative part.

Consider that the placebo effect is present especially on people that are optimistic and hopeful that their health problem will be resolved, but also to people who are gullible by nature and can trust the person who gives them that “fake” something that produces the placebo effect.

Contrary to this, there are pessimistic people who think that they will get sick from a random illness in the nearly future, but they don’t really suffer from anything, this will lead to the placebo effect and they will really get sick. This happens in the most of cases.

None ever seen a man talking all the time about his suffering and how bad he will it be in future, to be healed miraculous overnight.

As we said, the placebo effect does not work for everyone. Even if some believe it is really a cure, it’s possible
that the remedy will not occur on them and therefore no placebo effect.


We also recommend you to read the book entitled “You are Placebo”, written by Joe Dispenza.

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