India Is Going To The Moon

India Is Going To The Moon

For the first time in the history of the country, India will step on the lunar surface.

Nearly 50 years after Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, and after the Yutu rover was launched on the surface of the moon in 2013 by China, India is starting a new exploration mission to our natural satellite.

The mission is called Chandrayaan-2, translated as “moon journey” or “lunar vehicle”.

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We know this will be the second attempt by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to land on the moon. Chandrayaan-1 detected magnetic water into a crater of the moon when it reached its orbit in 2008. The mission ended with a failure because it collapsed on the surface of the moon.

There will be no man this time. The launch includes three vehicles, but without crew. These three include an orbiting vehicle, a landing ship and a lunar rover. The rover will cross the 3D map created by the orbiting vehicle.

You may be surprised, but ISRO has a limited budget of just $ 93 million, hoping project’s completion in just 14 days.

These are not India’s only projects. They are preparing “Aditya”, a mission to study the Sun, and “XPoSat”, a satellite observing and studying cosmic radiation.

All that remains to say is that we are greatly rejoiced because more and more countries are interested in exploring and understanding the cosmos.

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