Does religion have anything in common with science? 

Does religion have anything in common with science? 

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How Religion can be Combined with Science?

The relationship between religion and science has always been questionable. From Classical Antiquity to today’s modern world with all the advancements in technology, this query is yet to be solved. Different people have different theories that they follow in order to settle this issue. Some feel that these two things cannot be kept together while others think that they are in harmony. There is another class of people who propose an amalgam of both. Most of the scientific innovations were achieved through religious traditions before science consumed everything around us.

Hinduism believed in science but with an implication that it gives incomplete knowledge about the world. The belief of Buddhists have changed over the period of time and today they believe that science is complementary to their beliefs. On the other hand, Europeans believed that religion and science are in conflict factually as well as politically. However, this image did blur as the time went by. Certainly, there are points where these two things merge and that’s why many people think that they can not only coexist but also help each other out.

Religions like Islam and Christianity directly referred towards the existence of other planets and cosmos. The concept of Earth and the Heavens clearly indicates that there are worlds other than the one we live on. As science started to grow, we discovered more and more about the outer space. This urged the scientists to explore the stars and other heavenly bodies even more in order to find signs of life there.

Big Bang. Credit: The Atlantic

One of the biggest contradiction between science and religion is the ‘Big Bang Theory’ according to which universe started with a huge explosion which expanded it and life began on this planet. Having said that, people in all parts of the world believe that science and religion must work together to bring prosperity and welfare to the society. According to Dr. Max Tegmark,

“People bent on science-religion conflict are picking the wrong battle. The real battle is against the daunting challenges facing the future of humanity, and regardless of our religious views, we’re all better off fighting this battle united.”

This concept of co-existence of science and religion is very popular these days among general public despite the fact that many scientists are still reluctant to accept that idea. According to an online survey at, 63% people believe that both these concepts can coexist. For sake of strengthening this point of view, we can find numerous examples where human beings have to call on religion and spiritual concepts to answer questions where science fails.

Rising and Setting of Sun

The rising and setting of the sun at prescribed times is an event where science lacks any concrete explanation. Sun follows strict plan to rise and set each day without any disruption so there has to be some power behind it. This is where religion can combine with science to help humans. Similarly, science has no logical theory to explain the causes of Earthquakes and Tidal Waves.

Why we Exist?

It is part of human nature to explore the purpose of our existence. We strive to find an answer to this. Science fails here while religion guides us through spiritual books saying we are here to love others and preach them the religion. The reward of all these good deeds will be an afterlife. These instructions guide us about the ways we must adopt for living prosperous lives.

Climate Change

Probably the most important issue that needs our attention right now, is the Climate Change of Earth. We need to cut down our warming trends in order to save our planet. Science is showing us that poorest among us are suffering first and worst from these climatic changes induced by human activities. Religion can prove to be the motivating factor here and make people care and act accordingly.

The co-developer of Cold Dark Matter Theory, Joel Primack says that,

“In the last few years, astronomy has come together so that we’re now able to tell a coherent story (of how the universe began). This story does not contradict God, but instead enlarges [the idea of] God.”

“Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”     (Albert Einstein)

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