Top 10 Inventions that People can’t Live Without

Top 10 Inventions that People can’t Live Without

Science has engulfed us so much that we can hardly imagine a life without it. We are surrounded by its inventions and a lot of them have become part and parcel of our lives. Most of the times we even forget the significance of such discoveries. Following are some of those inventions without whom our lives will be incomplete:

1.     Wheel

It was considered the most important invention in the human history for quite a long while. All of us use wheels in our daily lives, irrespective of the mean of transport we use. Cars, buses, bikes or trains were not possible if not for this outstanding invention. Just imagine traveling from one place to another without the existence of a wheel and you will realize its importance, instantly.

2.     Pins

The most popular type of pin are the safety pins that help us in fulfilling multiple tasks. From the nappies of a baby to the professional dressmaking and from medicine to jewelry, they do save your day at least once in your life. Many another kind of pins like common pins and U-clips are also extremely helpful in carrying out everyday tasks.

3.     Refrigerator

People didn’t have the liberty to store food for too long and it had to be bought on daily basis. Now, we have access to food items at our will, thanks to this amazing invention. Can you imagine a life without ICE CREAM? If your answer is no, then you are lucky that you were not born a few hundred years back.

4.     Microwave Oven

Heating and cooking were not that simple before the invention of the thing called Microwave Oven. It was an alien concept for the humanity that food is cooked, hot and ready for consumption within few minutes. Percy Spencer of U.S. Navy noticed during World War II that his chocolate melted due to magnetrons and patented the first ever Microwave Oven after a short while.

First computer, at Cambridge University, 1946

5.     Computer

The ability to perform huge tasks within seconds made it a huge hit immediately after its launch. It made human life very easy as the amount of effort for hefty tasks was reduced many times. Due to the advancement of technology, the power of these systems has gone exponential and it keeps on improving all the time.

6.     SmartPhones

The invention of the telephone was a very big deal in itself. Then, came the modified version of it in the form of a Mobile phone. Science didn’t stop there and launched smartphone which allowed the users to access their entire computer systems from their hands. This is probably the most used invention these days as people are busy with it all the time and businesses are being managed through this remarkable thing.

7.     Concrete

It is one of the most underrated inventions of all time as everything around us is made of this. Structures as small as footpaths and as huge as multiplex malls are made of it. All the roads that we use for traveling purposes came into existence following this discovery. The art of building was revolutionized after concrete came into the picture.

8.     Internet

Can you imagine a day without Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram? Surely no one can accept this challenge. That’s the impact Internet has on our lives. We are literally addicted to it and a life without internet is far beyond imagination for people of this era. It is used not only for entertainment but for professional purposes as well.

9.     Flushing Toilets

It might feel a bit odd to some people that doing your business was not acceptable in the premises of the house a few centuries back. The invention of flushing toilets changed this and sanitary facilities have kept on improving since the discovery of 1st toilet. We don’t even think about the difficulties that we could have to face if it was not there.

10. Clock/Watch

The ability to know what time is it by just looking at your wrist or at the nearby wall truly a blessing. Consider judging the time by the location of Sun or by the positioning of the stars and you will realize the importance of this invention. Trust me when I say that you will miss a lot in this highly competitive and fast world if not for this exceptional invention.

All these inventions are serious blessings and we have total reliance on them. Hence, do value them.

2 Replies to “Top 10 Inventions that People can’t Live Without”

  1. As Edward Teller once said, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”. Here are, we believe, the top 10 inventions that actually changed the world. The world, as we know it today, is the result of a series of inventions that made living more convenient and the world a safer and healthy place to live. Among all the scientific inventions, some carry more significance than others because of their impact on the world.

  2. Electricity is the most important invention that we cannot live without. Without it, lighting, computers, smart phones, microwave ovens, motor vehicles (they require electrical spark plugs), television, radio, and thousands of other inventions could not exist.
    By: Chris Patrick, electrical engineer

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